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The time is finally here! Girls Like Me has created a new community that will allow our girls to get connected and share their own personal experiences with girls around the world!!! These young women will also have the opportunity to continue their growth journey with self-esteem. We are so thrilled to introduce to you, Society!

Our new online community will allow our girls to continue their journey with self-esteem in a safe, virtual environment. We are so thrilled to provide our girls the opportunity to continue their journey with our custom workshops created just for them!

Our goal was to create a safe & positive environment for our girls to interact with each other and share their personal experiences with girls just like them around the world. Our workshops were built based on our data-driven curriculum, providing our girls with various instructions on how to make progress in their self-esteem and self-efficacy. 

We want a positive and supportive community for our girls to guide them in the right direction to building great relationships and building up their self-esteem.

We are so excited & can’t wait to reconnect with our girls again. Girls like Me is excited to share the many benefits of Society. Visit our website to learn more!