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The Social Network for Self-esteem


A Private Membership Community

Increase Self-Esteem + Self-Efficacy

Your daughter can’t increase her sense of self-worth without knowing how. The workshops featured in the community, based on our data-driven currriculum, provides clear steps on how to make progress in her journey.

Strengthen Support System

Relationships with teen girls can be difficult. Sometimes, your daughter can benefit from a safe space of positive support to guide her in the right direction.

Build Lasting Friendships

This international community provides the opportunity for your daughter to meet girls from all around the world with various diverse backgrounds.

Membership Plans


Access community conversations 

Direct message members 

Share personal content 

Complimentary digital workshop 

Receive input from self-esteem experts 


Lifetime access to all workshops

Access to exclusive invite-only private member events

Monthly live community-wide meet-ups

Access to member-only merchandise

Direct message members

Member group chats

Share personal content

Engage directly with self-esteem experts

Closely moderated by organization staff


Do parents have access to the community?

While we prefer the girls to maintain privacy, parents are able to access the community through their daughter’s community login.


What platform will be used to share content with the girls?

We will use Mighty Networks to share workshop content with the girls. The girls will receive community login credentials for the site upon purchase.


How can my daughter best retain the information within this community?

In addition to the community-wide live events that provide engagement around each topic, your daughter will receive digital activities to complete after each workshop in order to demonstrate their knowledge.


How long will my daughter have access to the community?

As long as there is an active subscription, your daughter can access the community at anytime!

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