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Know Your Worth

Our signature individualized group mentoring program aimed to help girls and young women between 11-17 years old build a strong foundation of mental, emotional, and physical well-being that will set them up for success as students, community members, and leaders.

What She’ll Do

Know Your Worth incorporates biweekly in-person workshops, volunteer opportunities, group field trips and outings, and small, in-person and online community fundraising events.


Our data-driven curriculum centers around the guiding principles of self-value recognition, self-representation, verbal encouragement, observation, mastery experiences, and emotional state interpretation. Workshop topics provide practical training and accessible lessons in subject areas like communication; personal appearance and physical health; goal setting and execution.


Members volunteer with a wide variety of organizations in the local area to give in return to their communities. Opportunities are usually hands-on experiences where girls will engage with community members to work toward a larger goal that directly impacts people within the community.


Members are provided the opportunity to gain workforce development skills through hands-on work experience. During fundraisers, members will assume various roles and responsibilities where they can learn and demonstrate workplace values that may include but are not limited to responsibility, communication, accountability, decison-making, and integrity.


Members engage in exclusive leisure events to help foster connection and relationships among peers and mentors. These outings provide experiences that build character and create long lasting memories.

What She’ll Gain

Increased self-worth

Girls instantly possess intrisic value when they are born that does not need to be earned. She’ll learn to recognize her worth independent from any other factors.

Exposure to productive influences

Girls are more likely to imitate people whom they perceive similar to themselves. Our program provides an environment where she can emulate the behaviors of people with high self-efficacy.

New + enhanced skills

Mastery experience is the most influential source of efficacy information. Our program provides opportunities for her to master experiences so that she can witness authentic evidence for herself of whether she can muster what it takes to succeed in various tasks.

Social support + integration

Having a strong support system is vital to any personal growth. It is especially signifiant for girls embarking on the journey to reweriting the negative naratives about themselves. She’ll receive a strong support system of peers and mentors who’ve been trained to be supportive.

Courage to be authentic

Self-expression has an effect on how we feel about ourselves and how we’re perceived by others. She’ll learn how to express herself authentically so that she can be empowered to show up as who she truly is and go after what she truly wants instead of being and doing what other people want for her.

Emotional intelligence

The emotional or physiological state that someone experiences can negatively influence their judgment toward their abilities to achieve their goals. Our program coaches her to control her emotional states when evaluating her abilities to achieve her goals so that she is skilled in practicing self-reflection and examining the meaning of her internal thoughts.

Parent Testimonial

“Girls Like Me….Excellent organization. 2 years ago I was in search of a group my daughter would feel comfortable with girls of her age group. My daughter joined the group and we started seeing positive changes within her self-esteem, self-love, community involvement and Huge change in her attitude and how she responds to situations that may arise. The lead mentor Ms. Deja takes the time to get to know each girl and holds them accountable for what they learn. The monthly sessions range from teaching them etiquette to making sure they are focused on their education and always includes good times. She will definitely be a part of the group many more years.”

Member Benefits

Catered Meals

Members receive professionally catered lunch at each workshop. Each lunch provides a variety of diverse food options for which we’ll also accommodate dietary needs or allergies.


Member’s receive pick-ups and drop-offs for program activities.

Progress Reports

Parents/guardians receive regular progress reports to communicate and track member progress within the program.

Society Membership

Members receive full access to our digital content library during the program cycle.

Hands-on Mentors

Members recieve access to a mentor who will provide support where needed, track progress, and communicate with parents/guardians.

Complimentary Event Tickets

Members recieve free admission to relevant Girls Like Me hosted events during the program cycle.

Family & Friends Early Access

Friends and family of Girls Like Me members recieve early access to ticket sales of Girls Like Me hosted events during the program cycle..

Exclusive Merchandise

Members receive access to purchase exclusive members-only merchandise from our store during the program cycle..

Store Discounts

Members receive a 10% discount on all items sold from our store during the program cycle.



Application Process

Session 7 [Sep 2023 – Apr 2024]

Applications Open

Early submission applications for KYW are open from July 5th through July 19th. 

Application Processing

Applications will be reviewed up until July 21st.

Decision Letter

Letters regarding GLM’s decision to admit the applicant into the program will be sent out July 21st.

Pay Enrollment Fee

Secure your spot in the program by submitting your enrollment fee!

Attend Orientation

Meet our team and other program participants at Program Orientation on September 9th, 2023!

Payment Options

Pay In Full

Pay the entire cost of membership in one payment. 

Payment Plan

Spread out enrollment fees into 4 or 8 monthly installments.*


Members have the opportunity to apply for scholarships to cover the cost of the Know Your Worth Program. Learn more by visiting our scholarship page.

Learn More

Session Schedule

September 2023 – April 2024



September 9, 2023

Program Orientation

September 23, 2023

Intro + Outing

October 7, 2023


October 21, 2023


November 4, 2023

Workshop + Outing

November 18, 2023


December 2, 2023


December 16, 2023

Winter Celebration

January 20, 2024


February 3, 2024


February 17, 2024

Workshop + Outing

March 2, 2024


March 16, 2024


March 30, 2024

End of Year Feedback Interview + Convos

April 13, 2024


April 27, 2024

Workshop + Outing

May 18, 2024

Closing Ceremony


When will applications open for Session 8?

We will begin accepting applications July 2024.

How can we make sure we don't miss the next application period?

Join our waitlist to receive an email notification when we open applications for next session.

What if my daughter can't attend a meet-up?

Accumulation of missed program days affects your daughter’s ability to gain from the program thus making your daughter’s participation ineffective and can lead to dismissal from the program. Contact us to learn more about our attendance policy.

I'm concerned about transportation safety.

All program staff accompanying members undergoe legal background checks. Additionally, we carry insurance in case of any unfortunate events.

How long is this program?

Our program sessions runs from September – April.

When will we get a decision on our application?

You will recieve a mailed letter with your enrollment decision by July 21, 2023.

What if my daughter is enrolled in other activities?

We highly recommend prioritizing regular attendance in our mentoring program to ensure your daughter can fully benefit from the program’s impactful opportunities. Being involved in numerous activities may make it challenging for her to adhere to the attendance policy and fully engage in the program’s activities, hindering her ability to reap its intended benefits.