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February 20, 2022, 2 pm – 5 pm – Top Golf Richmond


Our last fundraiser was a huge success and we had so much fun spending it with all of you. Due to this we have decided to hold another fundraiser ” Confidence To Spare” and we hope to see all of you there supporting Girls Like Me. 

Girls Like Me is a mentoring organization unique in Richmond’s nonprofit landscape, working to empower girls by combating the challenges produced or exacerbated by low self-esteem and low self-efficacy. During the COVID-19 outbreak in 2020, the organization was required to suspend all in-person programming limiting their ability to help girls. However, we are back and we need your help to ensure that we can continue to help Girls around Richmond.

Joining us for this event will enable Girls Like Me to strengthen out signature program, Know Your Worth, which helps girls build a strong foundation of mental, emotional, and physical well-being that will set them up for success as students, community members, and leaders.

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What once started as a small bowling destination in Manhattan has grown in so many ways and continues to expand all over the nation. With over 12,000 lanes all over the USA it is crazy to think that bowlero began only 25 years ago. The founder, Tom Shannon, had a vision when he purchased the first Bowlero lanes and it is because of him that this company has been able to provide a safe and fun environement for everybody to bowl and create memories. 


Bowlero offers fun for anyone at any age! By participating in this event, you will enjoy 2 full hours* of game play!

*Must arrive at event start time to receive full 2 hours.


We know that bowling can be competitive and make you build up an appetite that is why with every ticket 2 slices of pizza are included per person . Along with this we can’t let you eat pizza without a drink and that is why along with pizza your ticket includes UNLIMITED soft drinks.


What a better way to spend a Saturday than bowling and making some memories. Bowlero offers a trip back in time with their retro themed bowling alley. Bowlero has blacklight bowling alleys as well as Arcade games that will keep you busy and having fun throughout the evening.



Confidence To Spare FUNDRAISER

2101 Maywill St., Richmond, VA 23230